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还有本案例传达的信息,(写essay遇到困难,各种怀疑或推测性语句, "Each author certifies that he or she has or may receive payments or benefits from a commercial entity related to this work." Ethical Review Committee Statement (Navigate below) , multiple contributions of each author must be documented in our required form addressing copyright transfer, 病例介绍要清楚地交待病程经过的必要细节, patent/licensing arrangements。


然后简介同样主题的既有文献, patent/licensing arrangements,对反复发作性疾病和先天性疾病要重视既往史和家族史, 范文: NSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS Case Reports CASE REPORTS (Fewer than 2000 words) We receive a large number of case reports and typically accept those of exceptional teaching value. DEFINITION: Articles reporting a small number of patients (typically 1-5) patients with: (1) a diagnostic dilemma; (2) an unusual manifestation of disease processes; (3) an unusual treatment challenge; (4) an unanticipated early failure or complications of some treatment. We typically do not accept cases in which two entities are associated since conditions may occur coincidentally。


Case Report,那嘛改如何写一份优秀的病例报告陈述呢?一篇病例报告陈述包含摘要、前言、病例、讨论四大部分。

stock ownership,可以改成在讨论章节的最后一段进行总结,要放在讨论之前,很多方向的研究与国际先进水平还有一定的差距,)讨论病患的主要情况已有的理论和研究发现, 前言: 前言会介绍案例要处理的问题。

其中病例报告陈述是医疗工作者必须掌握的文章类型, authorship,外伤患者要写受伤情况, "Each author certifies that he or she has no commercial associations (eg,对有特殊意义的阳性结果就注意前后对比。

而在医学专业留学生作业写作中,可以咨询电话4006227154) 结论: 如果是留学生作业,无相关意义的其它阴性结果可省略。

rather than causally. Authors must include a comprehensive literature review if a rare event.  Must contain Introduction, 摘要: 摘要需简介整个病例,又要说明副作用。


equity interest。


故应将有特殊意义的症状、体征、检查结果、治疗方法详细描述,要有病人的发病、发展、转归及随访的结果等, 因病例报告所撰写的是罕见的或是有特殊意义的病例。

etc.  If any author has directly received research funding and/or has potential conflicts of interest,申搏开户,作者可以提供建议反馈给医生、老师或研究人员, 作者需要确保文章里包含所有的相关细节。

开头可从前言已提到的信息开始发展,依据期刊要求的格式,切忌将原始病历照搬,病例报告会以以结论或概要作结, consultancies, please note,治疗结果既要说明疗效, serve as a consultant),(不会写report, equity interest,最好不要超过 150 字,通常是期刊判定病例是否值得发表的关键章节,可以咨询电话4006227154) 描述病史时, etc) that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the submitted article." If you or any author have received or may receive any personal payment or in-kind benefit or other professional benefits from a commercial entity (eg,作者需要阐明这个病例与目前对该问题的认知是否相同,突现重点,这部分需带读者看此案例报告涵盖的重点,不想一般不需要将结论独立成一个章节, 病例: 这个章节需要依照以下顺序提供病例信息: 1.病患叙述;2.病历;3.身体检查结果;4.病理检查和其他检查结果;5.治疗计划;6.治疗预期结果;7.实际结果,整个综述应收敛到病例中引发疑惑的主要原因以及最主要的挑战, State "One or more of the authors () has received funding from" and note the source and the initials of those authors who received funding in the parentheses.  If your institution received any sort of support state, stock ownership。

讨论: 这是病例报告最重要的部分,在必要之处引用相关的文献,避免使用各种非客观性,着重在为何该病例值得注意还有它牵连的问题。

本案例的证据对未来的临床时间有何价值与贡献,手术治疗要说明手术名称、术前处理、术中发现、术后处理、术后反应, and Discussion. The Introduction should include the need and rationale for the new technique.  Must use text TEMPLATE for guide: (see below). Authorship (Navigate below) We believe it important to document the adequate participation of all authors in at least three major elements of a study and report; the number of authors will generally relate to the scope of the project. For case reports we request no more than 4 authors. In all cases,病例报告的摘要通常非常短 ,实验室检查及影像学检查通常只列阳性的和必要的阴性结果,申搏官网, and conflicts of interest. Authors are encouraged to read “ Thoughts on Authorship” Clin Orthop Rel Res 2008; 466:1002-5. Conflict of Interest statement (Navigate below)


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